Neurowear Necomimi for sale.

Neurowear’s Necomimi has arrived in the UK and is available to purchase from our online store at

Show the world what’s really on your mind and impress your friends with some of the most advanced brainwave technology available! Necomimi’s cat-like….. Read the full article here


Latest Neurowear updates

It’s now September and still no word on where or how to buy Neurowear’s Necomimi. I spoke to guys at Neurowear earlier this year, who said that they were expecting to make public their sales and pricing information around this time.

Since I first spoke to them there have been several Continue reading

My latest response from Neurowear.

Dear Jimmy,
Thank you for your email!! We are sorry we couldn’t reply sooner. Many emails and comments were coming….
“Necomimi”will be released in the end of this year. A price and the color are undecided. Also about tails or other gadgets, too. When we announce about the product, we will tell you in website or facebook.
Join the neurowear fan page on facebook and get information or vote for questions!
Please give us a little time!
Best wishes,

Neurowear’s Necomimi

Neurowear’s Necomimi (cat ears in Japanese) is a brilliant adaptation of the brain sensor technology that has now reached maturity in the brain-machine/computer interface technology market. A novel idea that takes the brain sensor tech, developed by companies such as Neurosky and attaches automated cat ears to the head band. The ears flap and rotate as the brain sensor measures your emotion and alertness.