Mind-controlled virtual helicopter with full 3D movement

A non-invasive brain-computer interface (BCI) that allows humans to use thought to control the flight of a virtual helicopter in 3-D in real time, has been developed by researchers at the University of Minnesota Department of Biomedical Engineering.

The researchers trained test subjects to control the flight of the virtual helicopters using EEG electrical signals from the scalp and decoding sensorimotor rhythms (generated by imagining movements).

Although the 64 sensor brain cap used in the testing is far more sophisticated than the consumer based headsets produced by businesses such as NeuroSky, Emotive and Mind Technologies Inc,  it does show excellent progress in the field and will pave the way for consumer devices. With full 3D flight being achieved the implications of this tech will be vast. Who know’s what kind of military applications could be developed…..maybe avatar based battlefield drones.

Anyway for us consumer’s it means that soon will have some great toys to play with. Rather than virtual helicopters I can’t way to see those micro copters being flown around the living room, powered by your brain and a commercially available headset.

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Mind controlled technology closer than you think!

If you’re in doubt that mind-reading controller tech really is the stuff of the far-flung future, rather than what may be the norm in as little as two to four years, then watch this video below.

For years scientists have been carrying out research into brain-sensors and animal-machine interfaces using monkeys, it’s a tech that has shown great promise for artificial limb design among other things.

At this point, the monkey is relying on two brain implants (in the arm and hand areas of its motor cortex) to interpret nerve impulses and use them to control the arm. This arm with 7 degrees of movement, emulates just how flexible a real flesh-and-bone limb can be. Although the movement looks like something out of a sci-fi film, this technology with the help of non-invasive dry sensors will apply to people with disabilities sooner than you think.

When I say soon I mean you can already see great achievements with replacements for human limbs as shown by the inspiring story of British teen Chloe Holmes, who is the youngest teenager in Europe to be fitted with a bionic forearm and hand. For more information click this link.

Watch the video below for another great achievement.  For a month, Pierpaolo Petruzziello’s amputated arm was connected to a robotic limb, allowing him to feel sensations and control the arm with his thoughts.

If you think this is amazing or…. slightly unnerving, then be aware that Intel is planning by 2020 to have chips that can be implanted into your brain to control your computer or mind-controlled gadget. “it brings new meaning to the slogan intel inside” have a look at this article.

NeuroSky equipment test and reviews coming soon.

(UPDATE 24/02/12:  Apologies to those of you who have been patiently waiting for the reviews of the NeuroSky products. We are now aiming to provide full reviews in the spring when we launch the new website, however a short review will be posted in the mean time.)

So last week I ordered the NeuroSky Mindset and Mindwave headsets, they should arrive any day now.  My plan for this blog is to eventually develop it into an e-commerce website, offering retail services for these and associated brain-computer interface, mind controlled and neurotechnology products.

I feel that at this time the only way to achieve this ethically & organically is to buy what products I can, test & evaluate the equipment and then produce some decent reviews. I shall make some high quality videos that can be viewed here and on my youtube channel.

I certainly want to know how good this equipment really is and whether there is enough of a market for me to import products. In the run up to christmas I hope to further develop my contacts with the various hardware and software developers, with the aim of gaining distribution rights in the UK and throughout Europe.

Be sure to check back regularly for news, product reviews and updates on the online shopping front. JJ