Videos from InteraXon and it’s CEO, Ariel Garten.



Brainwave/Siri hack is a hoax and why it’s important that you know.

Ok so I know i’ve been out of the of loop for a while, just over 6 weeks to be precise, but i’ve still been taking note of what’s going on in the world of BCI’s.

On this occasion I should count myself lucky that I haven’t posted in a while, otherwise I would have spread this story as truth just like everybody else.

Having just posted the virtual helicopter story, better late than never, I thought you should also hear about the Mindwave/ Siri hack hoax. The story has been out there for a few weeks now and the guys at Interaxon have covered it with a really good in depth article.

Check it out here.

Check out the culprits and their videos.