Brain Bats: Mind-Controlled Pong

Check out this brilliant video by Brain Bats: Learning to play Pong with your mind. It’s another great innovation using the NeuroSky MindWave and an Arduino LOL shield.

The game was developed on a LOL shield, a charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino, before the display was ramped up to what you see in the video. The LEDs are individually addressable, so you can use it to display anything in a 9×14 grid. Scroll text, play games, display images, or anything else you want to do.

To watch the video and read the full article click here.


A voyage inside the brain to implant an electrode

I suscribe to and this morning I received this simply amazing video about the brain and it’s disorders, more specifically about Neural Implants and how they can palliate (make less severe) the degenerative process of Parkinson’s disease, among other things.

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Nange Magro’s Mechapolypse; the mind-controlled dress that changes shape

I just spoke to Nange Magro about her brilliant new innnovation in Brain-Computer Interface fashion, the Mechapolypse. A mind-controlled dress that changes shaped depending upon your levels of concentration.
This is the first Brain-Computer Interface clothing/fashion item we’ve seen since Neurowear’s Necomimi, which is due to launch in the UK in just 2 weeks at the The Gadget Show Live, Birmingham NEC, 11-15 April 2012.  Continue reading

MindWave vs MyndPlay

Just came across this first video demonstrating the use of MyndPlay controlled by NeuroSky’s MindWave neuro-headset. It’s quite an old video but it does the job. Below is the official video from MyndPlay and another from the London Film School screening.

“MyndPlay is the world’s first mind controlled media player and platform which connects your computer to your mind with EEG BrainWave technology Continue reading

Gadget Geeks: Mind-Controlled Parachute

In the UK tonight 25th February 2012, Gadget Geeks, a Sky 1 HD TV series about… you guessed it… GADGETS, will be showing an episode where they design and test a mind-controlled parachute system. The programme shows on SKY 1 and SKY 1 HD at 7pm.

Check out the trailer at the bottom of this post.

The insert below i’ve pulled straight off the Gadgets Geeks page within the Sky 1 website. Continue reading

Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination: Worlds first mind-controlled skateboard

Another brilliant innovation has just appeared on the web; Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination, the worlds first mind-controlled skateboard.

I won’t go into much depth here as there are a couple of well written, detailed articles available on the web, I’ve posted links for these at the bottom of this post. If you want to skip all the boring stuff just watch the video below, it explains everything. Continue reading

Simulation and learning with Brain-Computer Interfaces and Gesture Based Computing

I came across this slideshow presentation a while back, it was created by some very smart people at the Current Technologies Corporation. For those of you who want more in-depth information about BCI’s, Gesture based and related technologies, their stage of development and timeline on the Gartner Hype cycle, this presentation is really insightful.

Check out the slideshow here.

To give you a little taster: