Brain-Computer Interfaces, The Military and Ethics

An excellent video from Penn State University about Neuroscience and the military. It delves into great detail about the future development of the thought-controlled war machine, the ethics concerned with this and the control mechanisms that will be needed.


Mind-controlled Avatars & Telepresence

Doron Friedman of the Advanced Virtuality Lab (AVL), Israel, is leading a team of scientists  developing the next generation of Human-Computer Interfaces. Friedman comments on potential applications:

“You could control an avatar just by thinking about it and activating the correct areas in the brain.”

The project called Virtual Embodiment and Robotic Re-embodiment (VERE), is Continue reading

Incredible electronic tattoo to revolutionise human-machine & B-CI interfaces

“It’s a technology that blurs the distinction between electronics and biology.”

Human monitoring technologies are developing rapidly, day by day there are new advancements and today is one of those days. The picture to the left is an insight into the next  revolution in human-machine interfaces.

Researchers in the US have developed an “electronic tattoo” that could herald a revolution in the way patients are monitored and provide a breakthrough in computer gaming.

“They used the device, which is thinner than a human hair, to monitor the heart and brain, according to a study in the journal Science“. The device is so flexible it can move and stretch with human skin and is hoped to replace the bulky equipment used in hospitals.

In respect to Brain-Computer Interfaces, reservations that people currently have about the consumer grade EEG technology, is it’s ability to distinguish and process the actual thoughts that control movement. Most applications currently available need to be taught or associated to specific thoughts (any will do) do generate specific movements. See the Prius inspired bike of the future.

One area that sees advancement with this new technology is in speech regonition. When the skin patch was attached to the throat it was able to distinguish between up, down, left and right. Imagine the advancements in gaming, communications, transport……

To read more click here and two informative videos can be found here.