Neurofeedback training gadgets, do they work? [video]

Judging by this great little video titled – Experiments in Mind Control for Health with Neurofeedback, the future is looking bright. You can read more about Larry Berkelhammer on his official website.

Pulled straight from Larry Berkelhammer’s YouTube page the description reads:

“In this discussion with Dr. Erik Peper, we explore the frontier of psychophysiological self-regulation. To read more click here.


28 spoons later, world’s first mind-controlled zombie game has released the world’s first mind-controlled zombie game. Check out their article here. 

“MindGames, iOS games developer, releases 28 Spoons Later, new zombie game Continue reading

The woman who never forgets anything: Hollywood star’s memory is changing our understanding of the brain

The woman who never forgets anything: Hollywood star Marilu Henner’s awesome memory is changing our understanding of the brain.

A good memory is essential for any aspiring actress struggling with her lines. But in the case of Marilu Henner – a Broadway star who rose to fame in the 1970s sitcom Taxi – her memory isn’t just good, it’s incredible. For her, the past is simply unforgettable.

To read more the click here


SharpBrains – Tracking brain fitness innovation

SharpBrains is an inde­pen­dent mar­ket research firm and inno­va­tion net­work track­ing the emerging brain fit­ness mar­ket. They main­tain an annual state-of-the mar­ket report series and pubish con­sumer guides to inform decision making. They also pro­duce an annual global and vir­tual con­fer­ence and pro­vide advi­sory services. is the firm’s edu­ca­tional blog and web­site, currently they are a mem­ber of Sci­en­tific Amer­i­can Part­ner Network.

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Lumosity – reclaim your brain

Reclaim your is a leading “Brain Training” website and provides an online tool for cognitive enhancement. Lumosity is advised by leading experts in neuroscience and cognitive psychology from Stanford, Berkeley, UCSF and other prestigious institutions.
Based on the concept of neuroplasticity — the brain’s ability to physically adapt to new stimuli — Lumosity training includes challenging exercises engineered to improve a wide selection of cognitive functions such as working memory and fluid intelligence. By improving these functions, Lumosity can enhance your memory, attention and more!
Designed by neuroscientists the training programs are designed to produce noticeable cognitive benefits. Using novel, engaging and constantly adapting challenges, the exercises strategically target brain areas such as memoryattention and processing speed.