NeuroHeli: Flying buddy 2: The future of brain wave controlled toys.

Emotiv:AR Drone:wheel chair

Developed by research students at Zheijiang University in Hangzhou, China, the quad-rotor helicopter called the “Flying buddy 2” has certainly made a impression in this weeks blog’o’sphere. Continue reading


Brain-Computer Interfaces, The Military and Ethics

An excellent video from Penn State University about Neuroscience and the military. It delves into great detail about the future development of the thought-controlled war machine, the ethics concerned with this and the control mechanisms that will be needed.

Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination: Worlds first mind-controlled skateboard

Another brilliant innovation has just appeared on the web; Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination, the worlds first mind-controlled skateboard.

I won’t go into much depth here as there are a couple of well written, detailed articles available on the web, I’ve posted links for these at the bottom of this post. If you want to skip all the boring stuff just watch the video below, it explains everything. Continue reading

Nissan and EPFL to Push Development For Thought Controlled Vehicles

Nissan’s sudden enthusiasm for the development of wheelchairs controlled by brain activity has taken a lot of people by surprise. The technology is not particularly new but Nissans’s enthusiasm is.Nissan has paired up with swiss research lab EPFL (Ecole Polytechnique Federal de Lausanne) to further develop the BMI (Brain-Machine Interface) and wheel chair technology. Together they plan to use it for Continue reading