This website is about all things concerned with consumer brain-computer interfaces, neuro-technologies, neurofeedback, brainwave-controlled applications and the products and services available from these technologies.

For those who of you who are dubious about mind-controlled applications let me better describe these products as programmes or devices that are controlled using biofeedback.

Biofeedback is essentially a type of data or information produced by the human body, when this information is recorded from the brain it is called Neurofeedback. These are electrical signals recorded from the brain using Electroencephalography (EEG) through a sensor or sensors placed on the forehead and scalp. The technical name for the sensor is an anode because it conducts electricity.

Once a signal is being recorded, variations in that signal can be used to control a variety of objects, these maybe virtual or physical.

When I say mind, thought or brainwave controlled applications in most cases what I mean is; devices that are controlled by changes in your mental state not your individual thoughts. However, there are neuroheadsets available (these are the EEG devices that record the signal), which when combined with special software can be programmed to recognise thought patterns and can therefore control objects in this way. These programmable headsets are more expensive than their counterparts.

This is an emerging market area where brain-computer interface technology for the consumer market with near medical grade precision has only recently becoming available. Currently the market is very young but there are many people around the world developing new and exciting ways to use this technology.

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Further information….

This website is dedicated to promoting and developing the Neurotechnology market, more specifically consumer products that are designed in conjunction with Neurofeedback through EEG. Products for the medical market have been available for decades and the technology has now reached maturity in the consumer market.

Two leading manufactures NeuroSky and Emotiv have developed EEG dry sensors, active brain sensor technology and applications for the general public. Now there are third parties developing additional hardware and software products in conjunction with this technology.

Electroencephalogram (EEG) technology is the measurement and analysis of brainwave activity. Products based on this technology use brain wave sensors to transmit your thoughts and emotional levels into useable data. The data produced can be used in variety of applications from thought controlled wheelchairs and prosthetics, to computer games and brain training. These products are all developed with Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCI) and mind, thought or brainwave controlled applications.

Although this website will include technology for the medical market and other such innovative ideas, we will be mainly focusing on products for the mass market such as; mobile applications, communications, games, toys, video games, clothing, fashion, health, sports and self-improvement.

We first came across the technology through a company called Neurowear. Neurowear uses the technology for a specific application but we immediately recognized the implications, benefits and applications that could be derived from the technology.

Upon initial research it became clear very quickly that EEG technology has a long and detailed history in the medical market with a huge number of applications. In the consumer market there is a real lack of innovative products but fortunately there are some; the application that Neurowear developed is a novelty product for the consumer market.

Neurowear have taken the technology developed by NeuroSky and adapted it into a novetly fashion/clothing item. The Neurowear “Necomimi” (cat ears in Japanese) flap and rotate as your emotion and assertiveness changes.

This product, apart from being particularly cute, has other possible uses. One such use we foresee is in the education of young children. Surely one of the hardest aspects of teaching young children is working out whether or not they are really paying attention, or whether or not a particular teaching method is holding there attention….. some food for thought.


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  1. Hey this is really cool. Where can I buy the ears? We are Americans we will be your breakthrough in the New York Market.

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