Neurowear’s Necomimi European Debut Imminent.

Wow, after a very long break I’m happy to announce that Neurowear’s Necomimi will finally be arriving in Europe and the UK.

Hopefully they will be available to UK stores in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space…. more importantly if you are looking to buy brainwave / mind-controlled toys such as the Mattel Mindflex, Neurowear’s Necomimi, NeuroSky’s Mindwave and Mindwave Mobile headsets, then check out the beginnings of our new website at

With the imminent arrival of the Necomimi we are looking forward to offering this product for sale from our online store at Over time we hope to sell an assortment of brain-computer interface and neurofeedback gadgets, so please check it out and see how the website progresses.


One thought on “Neurowear’s Necomimi European Debut Imminent.

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