Neurowear’s Necomimi UK Launch: Gadget Show Live 2012

So excited to be going to the Gadget Show Live next week, the event is the UK’s most popular gadget and technology event. So much so that the organisers have extended the event to run over 5 days from the 11th -15th of April.

I am really looking forward to meeting the folk from NeuroSky and trying out the consumer version of the Neurowear’s Necomimi for the first time. Anyone who’s been following Brain -Computer Interface technology and thought controlled products will have surely heard of Neurowear and their fantastic anime product; the Necomimi. (Derived from the word Nekomimi which means cat ears in Japanese)

Neurowear is a gadget company in Japan founded on the concept of the “Augumented Human Body” The Necomimi gadget is a headband mated with the MindWave brain wave sensor technology manufactured by NeuroSky. Attached to the head band are motorized cat shaped ears, they are programmed to turn up when the wearer concentrates and to turn down when he or she relaxes. Just like an animals ears prick up when they are alert.

Although official sales figures have not been release it is likely that the Necomimi will cost £100 or more. You can buy the MindWave headset and other NeuroSky, Neurowear and Mattel mind-controlled gadgets from the new thinktech website.

Time magazine voted the product the 50th best invention of the year in 2011.

Another innovation you can wear which actually began development a year before the appeareance of the Necomimi is Nange Magro’s Mechapolypse; the thought controlled dress that changes shape. Technically is would be better described as dress that changes shape depending on your mental state. This dress in unlikely to reach the consumer market but you may just see it in the music industry, performing arts or commercial shows.


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