Nange Magro’s Mechapolypse; the mind-controlled dress that changes shape

I just spoke to Nange Magro about her brilliant new innnovation in Brain-Computer Interface fashion, the Mechapolypse. A mind-controlled dress that changes shaped depending upon your levels of concentration.
This is the first Brain-Computer Interface clothing/fashion item we’ve seen since Neurowear’s Necomimi, which is due to launch in the UK in just 2 weeks at the The Gadget Show Live, Birmingham NEC, 11-15 April 2012. 
“The garment is characterized by the use of a brain-computer interface to change the shapes of the dress. Utilising an EEG device (NeuroSky) to control little technology systems, such as LED lights or servo motors that I used to give the garment its dynamic qualities.
In this particular case in the corset, under the layer of sheer fabric there are three bundles of fiber optics which separately turn on, synchronized
to the level of concentration. More the level of concentration becomes intense more the amount of fibre optics that lights up increase.”
“The garment is composed and built by sections: hat, corset neck, corset, back piece(spine), first skirt and second printed latex skirt. All electronics are hidden inside the spine placed on the back, once all data are decoded,(through the use of the lilypad arduino) when the maximum level of concentration is reached the dress lights all up and the first skirt start moving revealing the latex one hidden underneath.
I have always being interested in everything is digital, electronics, technology and fashion, as I do believe is where the future of fashion is. That is the reason why I always try to keep myself aware of the new technologies and last researches  around the world.
It is in this way that I got to know about Neurosky, a company which sells the EEG chip I have used to develop the dress technology. I thought using a technology like that would be a very interesting challenge if mixed with fashion. (according to my fashion designer background- First degree at Politecnico in Milan and MA Digital Fashion in London College of Fashion).
I am also working on developing other ideas that can work on an artistic/performance and  a commercial scale to continue this technology developing, and I am thinking of possibly use this research and the experience accomplished also on a medical field as  it would be awesome to have garments that people with particular handicaps could move or change just controlling their level of concentration.”
You can follow Nange on Facebook or check out her website for more information.

Check out her crazy videos below:


6 thoughts on “Nange Magro’s Mechapolypse; the mind-controlled dress that changes shape

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  5. Reblogged this on real eccentric and commented:
    I am really interested in wearable tech! Can you imagine a famous actress(I’m looking at you, Jennifer Lawrence) wearing something futuristic like this to the next Oscar’s Red Carpet? I can’t wait till lit up, transforming garments are more widely used!

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