Thinktech hopes to stock NeuroSky products, Neurowear’s Necomimi included.

Thought it was about time I gave you an update with where we are regarding the sale of the various neuro-headsets and mind-controlled products. Official contact with NeuroSky has been made and as of this moment, I am writing to them to apply for partnership with the aim of gaining distribution rights.

If all goes well with finger crossed we hope to open up shop in the spring, This will hopefully coincide with Neurowear’s launch of their Necomimi product, which is also in the spring. As it is NeuroSky who owns the technology rights to Neurowear’s hardware it is them who deals with the distribution rights.

And so with this latest communication we hope to establish distribution rights for not just the obvious NeuroSky products, such as the Mindwave and Mindset headsets but also the Mattel Mindflex and Mindflex Duel, the Star Wars Force Trainer, Neurowear’s Necomimi and any other consumer products that contain NeuroSkys’ thinkgear chips or hardware.


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