Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination: Worlds first mind-controlled skateboard

Another brilliant innovation has just appeared on the web; Chaotic Moon Labs’ Board of Imagination, the worlds first mind-controlled skateboard.

I won’t go into much depth here as there are a couple of well written, detailed articles available on the web, I’ve posted links for these at the bottom of this post. If you want to skip all the boring stuff just watch the video below, it explains everything.

Basically this is the latest invention from Chaotic Moon Labs, they have built a similar product before using the Kinect motion system called the Board of Awesomeness.

The Board of Imagination is controlled by the Emotiv EPOC neuro-headset, one of several commercially available BCI devices designed to control other devices and gadgets using your brain waves.

In order to make the board move one must wear the EPOC headset and spend some time training it to your individual thoughts. When all said and done the headset will recognise the specific thoughts you are thinking in order to make the board accelerate or brake. The complete system comprises:

Although the guys at CM.LABS have no plans to bring this product to market, they are planning to open source the code and materials list needed to build your own. If you do want to build you own you had better check out their video:

Here’s a detailed article from CNET, check it out here Chaotic Moon’s Board of Awesomeness gains mind controls, becomes Board of Imagination Mind-controlled skateboard is literally powered by your thoughts


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