First UK soldier to have mind-controlled bionic arm

Cpl Andrew Garthwaite, a 24 year old from South Tynside, is the first UK soldier to undergo a new bionic arm operation after having his arm blown off by a rocket propelled grenade in Afghanistan. He is believed to be the first in the UK to undergo this cutting-edge technique in the field of bionics.

This week he underwent six hours of surgery at a hospital in Austria, to prepare him to be fitted with an arm he will be able to control with his brain. In the strictest sense this is a nervous system reconnection, the brain has to reorganise motor functions for the nerves that control his arm and their new placement in the body. Surgeons at the hospital are working closely with bionics company Otto Bock, in Vienna, to create one of the most intelligent bionic systems in the world.

Check out the full article here

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