28 spoons later, world’s first mind-controlled zombie game

Mindgames.is has released the world’s first mind-controlled zombie game. Check out their article here. 

“MindGames, iOS games developer, releases 28 Spoons Later, new zombie game controlled by the player’s mind. 28 Spoons Later is an attention training game, which helps users learn vital skills while having fun.”

Currently one of the biggest problems with mind-controlled computer games has been the lack of aesthetically pleasing, creative and fun to play games. Even for the current generation of PS3 and XBOX kids, let alone an adult, what’s on offer in terms of gaming is pretty basic.

It appears that as of late games developers have been getting their heads around the various headsets and working out functionality. With 28 spoons later it’s great to see another innovation and a big stride towards creating a game that is fun and truly beneficial for all to play.

Remember that scene from the Matrix, where Neo goes to see the oracle and bends a spoon with his mind…. well check out the video below.


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