Elucidating Feedback: A Mind-controlled design software for visual effects.

Titled by many as “student’s mind control device taking off” is an attractive title but not 100% accurate in this instance. The Victoria University graduate in question has developed a new mind-controlled visual effects ‘software’ with NeuroSky’s Mindset. The technology has been on display in Brazil for a second time after its popularity prompted a special invitation.

The ‘Elucidating Feedback’ system is an interactive design installation that triggers patterns by connecting to a user’s brain waves. Although not a completely new idea, the student has been congratulated by many for getting the installation on to the world stage.

Ben Jack the mastermind behind Elucidating Feedback software, is an artist and designer who works mainly in the area of generative and interactive media. Having recently finished his undergraduate studies, he is now working both as a tutor at Victoria University of Wellington (New Zealand) and as a developer for the online game community Minimonos. 

The device, inspired by Jack’s experiences with meditation, is based on the EEG concept, by which sensors measure and record electrical brain activity. A standard brain-computer interface headset captures brainwave data and reflects a person’s state of mind through audio and patterns.

Ben came up with the concept of connecting randomly generated computer patterns to brainwaves through sensors on the forehead and ears. Strong concentration triggers clear-cut patterns while fuzzy patterns indicate a lack of focus.

The exhibit “Elucidating Feedback,” was listed as one of the highlights of the interactive installations at the 2011 Electronic Language International Festival (known as FILE) Festival in Brazil by Wired.com.

Ben comments:

“The more attention that is paid to the installation, the more pattern, order and detail is reflected in the video and audio-and a lapse in attention makes the pattern break back into static,”

“The idea is that we create the finer details of our experience through the act of being attentive. The more we observe our environment, the more we discover, and the result of this active process is the creation of the rich details of our experience.

My installation enables people to explore a set of infinitely complex and ever-changing landscapes by focusing their minds.”


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