Students Develop Mind Controlled Flying Robot

Students from a top US university have developed a mind controlled flying robot. The robot is one of several innovative projects amongst others to come from Maryland University.

The video in the link below shows the robotics research students latest creation at Maryland’s Robotics Day. Controlled by mind waves using NeuroSky’s Mindset headset, the robot hovers around the room using 4 miniature horizontal propellers.

The most interesting thing about this gadget is that it’s one of the first controllable physical objects developed to reflect your state of mind.

See also Neurowear’s Necomimi.

We have to remember though that NeuroSky equipment limits the control parameters to two functions: attention and meditation. With the flying robot this means up, down or hovering, where by the higher you can make the robot hover the higher your levels of attention have to be. 

Currently the only other mental state formats commercially available, are the ‘board style’ games like the Mattel Mindflex  and software applications provided by companies such as NeuroSky. Several of these games are provided for free when you buy either the Mindwave or Mindset headsets.

To watch the video click here


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