The world’s first mind-controlled smart TV?

In recent posts we have discussed how rapidly brain-computer interface and mind controlled technology has progressed and today we have another instance of a possible real world application. 

Debuted at the IFA 2011 (a consumer electronics conference in Berlin), Haier a leading Chinese consumer technology company has introduced the world’s first brain-computer interface (BCI) and motion controlled smart TV.

The TV, due to be release this October with prices yet to be confirmed, is unlike any traditional TV. Haier’s Smart TV can interact with viewers via what some have called NeuroSky’s MindReader headset.

In fact it was NeuroSky’s Mindwave headset that was used as the control device and it works through measurement and analysis of an individuals mental state, (currently for NeuroSky this is assertiveness and calmness) by which the data produced can be used and programmed to perform basic functions.

We at Thinktech are currently testing both the Mindwave and Mindset headsets (reviews coming soon) and it is more than likely that both of these headsets will be compatible with Haier’s Smart TV.

Upon initial research it would appear that Haier’s smart TV is ordinary as far as smart TV’s go and Haier have only incorporated the existing mind-controlled games developed by NeuroSky. The TV it seems is not being controlled by the user’s mind but instead it is the games installed on the TV.

As I have stated before the Mindwave and Mindset headsets only allow you to perform basic functions within the parameters of assertiveness and calmness and so what you see in the video below, can be achieved on your own laptop if you buy a headset and install the games provided by NeuroSky.

For more information check out these articles.


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