BrainDriver: Mind controlled cars of the future.

It has only been 2 years since the first mind controlled ‘board style’ game was released to the consumer market in the form of the Mattel mindflex, since then we’ve had mind controlled cats earsbikes and now the technology has progressed part of the way into the transport industry.

BrainDriver is a project put together by an Artificial Intelligence professor and his team at the University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin). The professor and his team have demonstrated and have the proof on video (see below), that you can control a car with your brain. The technology could be used for cruise control on open roads or even cross country, expending no more effort than that of basic thought.

The concept is being tested with BrainDriver, a mind-controlled car.  Before the driver begins, the car’s software is trained to identify brainwave patterns. This is accomplished by wearing the Emotiv neuro headset and performing a series of computer tasks like learning to move virtual objects. The recorded electromagnetic signals are associated with simple driving commands so that when the device is connected to the steering wheel, accelerator and brakes, the vehicle is able to recognize the different mental activities and respond accordingly.

For more information check out this article.


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