NeuroSky equipment test and reviews coming soon.

(UPDATE 24/02/12:  Apologies to those of you who have been patiently waiting for the reviews of the NeuroSky products. We are now aiming to provide full reviews in the spring when we launch the new website, however a short review will be posted in the mean time.)

So last week I ordered the NeuroSky Mindset and Mindwave headsets, they should arrive any day now.  My plan for this blog is to eventually develop it into an e-commerce website, offering retail services for these and associated brain-computer interface, mind controlled and neurotechnology products.

I feel that at this time the only way to achieve this ethically & organically is to buy what products I can, test & evaluate the equipment and then produce some decent reviews. I shall make some high quality videos that can be viewed here and on my youtube channel.

I certainly want to know how good this equipment really is and whether there is enough of a market for me to import products. In the run up to christmas I hope to further develop my contacts with the various hardware and software developers, with the aim of gaining distribution rights in the UK and throughout Europe.

Be sure to check back regularly for news, product reviews and updates on the online shopping front. JJ


2 thoughts on “NeuroSky equipment test and reviews coming soon.

  1. I’d love to know your thoughts after your comparison – I am trying to determine which one to by, but there really isn’t enough information online for a lay person like me to make a decision!

    • Hi Amber, thank you for the comment. I am currently writing my review of NeuroSky’s Mindwave and Mindset headsets and I will let you know as soon as I have finished. I haven’t bought the other various headsets yet but I can still give you some good information about them. Thanks JJ

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