Mind-Controlled Gear Shifting for Future Bicycles

If you have ever asked yourself what would would a Prius look like if it were a bike instead of a car? The Prius inspired bike of the future would be the answer.

The stunning piece of machinery below is a result of the combined efforts from Toyota, Saatchi & Saatchi LADeeplocal, and Parlee Cycles, who developed the bike in their PXP project.

The final design, just revealed on John Watson’s cycling/design site, incorporates a built-in EEG dry sensor array in the helmet that allows you to shift gear with your mind. After some initial training which ties your mind to the shifting system, the “thought sensitive” helmet picks up your brain waves and transmits them to the bicycle’s brain-contolled electronic “neurotransmission:”

From your initial training you will be able concentrate on two particular thoughts, one to shift up and one to shift down. It is these thoughts combined with the “neurotransmission” and experimental iPhone app, that together cause the digital shifter to change gear.

This design concept is now in the prototype stage, but from the looks of the video below, it’s well on its way to a high-end bike shop near you soon.

The Prius X Parlee is sponsored by bikemaker Parlee and Toyota as part of its Prius Projects program.


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