Brain Like Thinking Computers – The End of Moore’s Law

How: Brain-like, or neuromorphic, computers –  Neurogrid, one of the first truly neuromorphic computers.

For five decades, Moore’s law held up pretty well: Roughly every two years, the number of transistors one could fit on a chip doubled, all while costs steadily declined. Today, however, transistors and other electronic components are so small they’re beginning to bump up against fundamental physical limits on their size. Moore’s law has reached its end, and it’s going to take something different to meet the need for computing that is ever faster, cheaper and more efficient.

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How to build neuromorphic computers that directly mimic in silicon what the brain does in flesh and blood…

Source: TechXplore

Buy your Neuroheli – the Puzzlebox Orbit Online

puzzlebox_orbit brainwavecontrolled helicopter_soon

Buy your Puzzlebox Orbit: the Brainwave Controlled Helicopter online soon! The Puzzlebox Orbit will be arriving in the UK imminently. We have a new website for the Puzzlebox Obit please check it out by clicking on the image below, check back often for news about the Orbit and other future brainwave controlled ariel vehicles and helicopters. Brainwave Controlled Helicopters

I recently spoke to Steve Castellotti CTO at PuzzleBox, who informs me that the company will be appearing on international television in the next month and is now ready to begin shipping the brainwave controlled helicopters to retailers around the globe.

For more information please check out the Puzzlebox website.

Initial information indicates that the complete package of  NeuroSky’s MindWave Mobile ‘neuroheadset’ and the PuzzleBox: Orbit will be around £179.99 – £199.99. The Puzzlebox Orbit: the brainwave controlled helicopter on it’s own is likely to be in the £79.99 – £99.99 price bracket.

This is also dependant on whether or not you already own a neuroheadset and if not, which of the NeuroSky headsets you intend to buy with the Puzzlebox Orbit package. now has three different NeuroSky headsets to offer, if you want one of the cheaper headsets, the basic MindWave headset at £79 make sure you check out the website as they are selling out fast.

Now in stock we also have the 2 latest versions of NeuroSky’s MindWave Mobiles, the ‘starter package’ which includes the headset and a few basic apps is £88. The ‘MyndPlay package’ includes the headset, a larger bundle of games and the ‘MyndPlay‘ software is £111. products page

Send us an e-mail and we’ll add you to our mailing list, we’ll be in contact as soon as the Orbit touches down in the UK.

International shipping will be available and we will do out best to dispatch within one working day.

NeuroSky MindWave Mobile MyndPlay package

Neurofeedback training gadgets, do they work? [video]

Judging by this great little video titled – Experiments in Mind Control for Health with Neurofeedback, the future is looking bright. You can read more about Larry Berkelhammer on his official website.

Pulled straight from Larry Berkelhammer’s YouTube page the description reads:

“In this discussion with Dr. Erik Peper, we explore the frontier of psychophysiological self-regulation. To read more click here.

NeuroHeli: Flying buddy 2: The future of brain wave controlled toys.

Emotiv:AR Drone:wheel chair

Developed by research students at Zheijiang University in Hangzhou, China, the quad-rotor helicopter called the “Flying buddy 2” has certainly made a impression in this weeks blog’o’sphere. Continue reading

Neurowear Necomimi for sale.

Neurowear’s Necomimi has arrived in the UK and is available to purchase from our online store at

Show the world what’s really on your mind and impress your friends with some of the most advanced brainwave technology available! Necomimi’s cat-like….. Read the full article here

Brain Bats: Mind-Controlled Pong

Check out this brilliant video by Brain Bats: Learning to play Pong with your mind. It’s another great innovation using the NeuroSky MindWave and an Arduino LOL shield.

The game was developed on a LOL shield, a charlieplexed LED matrix for the Arduino, before the display was ramped up to what you see in the video. The LEDs are individually addressable, so you can use it to display anything in a 9×14 grid. Scroll text, play games, display images, or anything else you want to do.

To watch the video and read the full article click here.

Neurowear’s Necomimi European Debut Imminent.

Wow, after a very long break I’m happy to announce that Neurowear’s Necomimi will finally be arriving in Europe and the UK.

Hopefully they will be available to UK stores in the next couple of weeks, so watch this space…. more importantly if you are looking to buy brainwave / mind-controlled toys such as the Mattel Mindflex, Neurowear’s Necomimi, Continue reading

Neurowear’s Necomimi UK Launch: Gadget Show Live 2012

So excited to be going to the Gadget Show Live next week, the event is the UK’s most popular gadget and technology event. So much so that the organisers have extended the event to run over 5 days from the 11th -15th of April.

I am really looking forward to meeting the folk from NeuroSky and trying out the consumer version of the Neurowear’s Necomimi for the first time. Anyone who’s been following Brain -Computer Interface technology and thought controlled products will have surely heard of Neurowear and their fantastic anime product; the Necomimi. (Derived from the word Nekomimi which means cat ears in Japanese) Continue reading

Does it actually work? 3 Neuroscientists test the Mindflex

I’ve come across a fair bit of scepticism about NeuroSky, it’s associated products and whether or not they actually work as intended.

The video below is a review of the Mindflex by 3 neuroscientists, from their preliminary testing they seem impressed by the device and try several different methods to trick the Mindflex into working without any success. I think the video below is pretty good proof that the Mindflex toy and it’s neuroheadset does provide neurofeedback using EEG. Continue reading

A voyage inside the brain to implant an electrode

I suscribe to and this morning I received this simply amazing video about the brain and it’s disorders, more specifically about Neural Implants and how they can palliate (make less severe) the degenerative process of Parkinson’s disease, among other things.

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